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Socrates Fellows 2013-2014

LaTeira Haynes

LaTeira Haynes

Biomedical Sciences

Catherine Hedrick Lab - LIAI

Research: Immune system - natural killer cells
Socrates Project: Cell Specialization: How DNA and proteins co-operate to form specialized cells, and how these cells are identified.

LaTeira Haynes is from sunny West Palm Beach, FL. As a young child, she had a great interest in the human body and disease and was first afforded an opportunity to conduct scientific research in the summer of her ninth grade year. She was immediately fascinated by the dynamic nature of laboratory research and this experience piqued her desire to become a biomedical research scientist. Building off of this experience she has gone on to receive a Bachelor of Science degree from Spelman College in Atlanta, GA, and is currently a PhD candidate in the Biomedical Sciences program at University of California-San Diego. LaTeira’s primary research interests are immune system regulation and atherosclerosis.  She currently studies the maturation of natural killer cells and how they affect the development of fatty plaque in the arteries that can cause strokes and heart disease.

Steven Nguyen

Steven Nguyen

Chemistry and Biochemistry

Nathan Gianneschi Lab

Research: Materials chemistry
Socrates Project: Learning Chemistry Through Food (The basic components for the development of nanomaterials can be found through the basic properties, structure, and function of food.)

Steven Nguyen graduated from the University of California, San Diego in 2010 with a Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry & Cell Biology. With encouragement from Dr. Christina Johnson, his mentor, Steven decided to switch fields and pursue his graduate endeavors in organic chemistry. In 2012, Steven earned a Master of Science in Chemistry under an emerging materials chemist, Nathan Gianneschi at UCSD. He immediately continued on to his doctoral work in the same research group focusing on the synthesis and development of stimuli-responsive soft nanomaterials for therapeutic and biomedical applications. Beyond his research expertise, Steven has a plethora of teaching experience ranging from his responsibilities as a youth group leader, mentor, tutor, workshop facilitator, and teaching assistant. 

Danjuma Quarless

Danjuma Quarless

Biomedical Sciences

Nicholas Schork Lab

Research: Whole genome sequencing
Socrates Project: Bioinformatics and Personalized Medicine

Danjuma Quarless is a third year Ph.D student in the Biomedical Sciences Department at the University of California, San Diego working on the application of genomic sequencing technologies to medicine under the direction of Dr. Nicholas Schork. His research focuses specifically on methods to assess genetic background and identify mutations that drive disease using whole genome sequencing. Originally from the Pacific Northwest region of the US, Danjuma has been interested in the numbers and biology from a young age which eventually led him to major in mathematics and bioinformatics as an undergraduate at Whitworth University in Spokane, Washington. While at Whitworth Danjuma not only experienced classroom success as evidenced through earning a Act Six leadership and scholarship initiative scholarship to attend Whitworth, but also participated in extra circular activities such as collegiate Football, Track & Field, and student government to help round out his personality and perspective on life.

As one of four sons from his father from Trinidad and Tobago in the Caribbean and mother from Germany, it was necessary for Danjuma to utilize education to achieve success. Thus, Danjuma developed a broad and well-developed understanding of cultural perspective and how it relates to the educational development. These traits were further developed while attending a religious Preparatory High school and undergraduate university, which firmly emphasized the culturing of character with training on values such as empathy and societal awareness in way that have immensely affected Danjuma’s desire to contribute. Danjuma believes that education is critical to success for all and wishes to explore ways to ensure students of all backgrounds and walks of life have teachers that fully understand their status and the difficulties they face.

In Sickness and In Health Curriculum 

Overview Pages 1-12

5E Table Page 13

Teacher Guide Pages 14-34

Student Data Sheet Page 35

Appendices Pages 36-59

W. Eric Rogers

Eric Rogers

Chemistry and Biochemistry

Tom Huxford Laboratory

Research: Response to infection in the innate immune system
Socrates Project: Molecular Crystallography: How understanding structure leads to understanding function.

W. Eric Rogers is a SDSU/UCSD Joint PhD student in the department of chemistry.  His research involves the study of the initial response to infection by the innate immune system. His current project is the study of innate immunity.  In this study he uses structural techniques to visualize interactions, and how changes in structure change those interactions.  

Eric’s work would provide a bridge point for students to begin to understand the connections between what they have learned in chemistry and biology.  This first look into Biochemistry allows for a practical link between cell biology/physiology and atomic/molecular level interactions in the same way that evolution shows the interaction between organisms and the surrounding environment.

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