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ScienceBridge Programs

ScienceBridge has been creating programs to connect current research to the greater San Diego community since 2006. Our innovative programs are listed below, with more information about each program. 

ScienceBridge Labs

ScienceBridge Labs logoOur innovative labs connect UCSD research and the high school classroom. These cutting-edge labs are based on research happening at UCSD. All of these labs address the needs of high school teachers and students  to learn current research topics, and make them relevant at the high school level. These labs are hands-on and inquiry-based, with the ability to scale to multiple ability levels and the needs of the class.  

Socrates Fellows

Socrates LogoSocrates was designed to introduce PhD-track graduate students to pedagogy and innovative methods in science communication. Graduate students are paired with a teacher partner for the entire school year, spending one day per week in the classroom. This allows time to gain practical skills in teaching and communication, with regular feedback from their teacher partner. 2008-2014

ScienceBridge Tech Sites

Tech Sites are production sites for ScienceBridge Lab Kits. These sites are designed to introduce students not only to how a biotech company works, but also to have the students be a biotech company! Students fulfill all roles, including safety management, inventory management, solutions and aliquots, and many more.  

Scientists in the Classroom

This program was designed as a miniature version of the Socrates Program, and places graduate students and post-doctoral scholars in a classroom for one day to present an introduction to their research. Scientists receive training on how to introduce a new topic to a class they are unfamiliar with, and we work to place them in classrooms all over the county. 2010-2012.


CyberBridge was a joint program between UCSD and San Diego State University, which brought teachers and scientists together to create innovative projects combining science and technology in the classroom. 2008-2011.